Video on Music and Martial Arts Research

What Are the Connections Between Music and Martial Arts?

My talk on martial sound is now up on YouTube! As previously posted, I gave this presentation as part of the FUAIM Research Lectures at University College Cork, Ireland. The whole video is about 50 minutes, but topics are linked individually below for easy navigation.

Implications of Hearing the Gong & Drum Percussion of Diasporic Chinese Kung Fu and Lion Dance as Martial Sound, Rather Than as Music.

Use the headings below to navigate to any part of the talk. Please note that clicking the links will redirect to YouTube.


The diasporic experience

What are martial arts?

Martial sound: short definition

Roadmap for rest of the presentation

Do music and martial arts have anything in common?

Video clip of music and martial arts from the movie Hero

Historical and cultural connections between music and martial arts: Brazilian capoeira, Indonesian-Malay pencak silat, muay Thai, Senegalese laamb, Trinidadian kalinda, Persian zurkhâneh, Sihk gatka, and Chinese kung fu.

The problem and definition of violence

The paradox of martial arts: stopping violence by practising fighting

The heroic display ethos as a way of addressing violence through martial performance

What is kung fu?

Fieldwork at the Hong Luck Kung Fu Club

Hong Luck drum show clip

Theoretical orientation: phenomenology and habitus

Martial sound: long definition

History of Chinese experiences in Canada

Founding of the Hong Luck kung fu club (1961)

Hong Luck’s mandate: self-defence, mutual understanding, and community

Lion dancing in Toronto’s Chinatown

Hong Luck lion dance video clip

The rhythm of combat

Kung fu demonstration with martial sound (asynchonicity)

The Wong Fei-hung song as a transnational anthem (martial arts film music)

Music of 19th-century Irish faction fighting







2 thoughts on “Video on Music and Martial Arts Research

  1. Thankyou colin for sharing your research with all of us. It is an amazing and inspiring research on the relationship between martial arts and music. Please keep posting such informative articles.


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