Shillelagh Studies: New Research Project on Music and Irish Martial Arts

I’m delighted to announce that I received a James M. Flaherty Scholarship from the Ireland Canada University Foundation to start a research project on music and Irish stick-fighting. I’m one week in, and the scholarship runs till the end of November. Thanks to the Department of Music at University College Cork for hosting me! The rather lengthy, but keyword-rich, title of the project is:

Holistic Investigation of Stick-fighting Culture and Knowledge (HOLISTICK):
Musical Decolonization of 19th-Century Irish Faction Combat Skills to Foster Healthy 21st-Century Shillelagh Walking Stick Martial Arts


I’ve created a new website and social media to promote the research, as well as connect to the growing international community of Irish stick martial arts practitioners. Please like, follow, and share Shillelagh Studies.
Facebook: @drshillelagh
Twitter: @drshillelagh
Instagram: @drshillelagh
Pinterest: @drshillelagh

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